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About us

We're a leading pioneering company in technology and app development.

Our goal

Making new sulotions and products to make your life easier and more fun!

Our message

Connecting the world and making it more simple to shop and ship world wide.

Our apps

Upostman is a new concept of delivery. Upostman will get you what you need, some important papers? your wallet? or anything else. Forget about the long waiting lines or high costs. Download Upostman now and start making orders

With Upostman You Can Ship To Or From Any Country With Our Postmen. No More High Costs Or Long Waiting Lines!.

If you are traveling anywhere in the world, add your trip on the application after registering as Postman, and then users will contact you to deliver their orders with you.

If you have some space in your bag you can take orders and take advantage of this space financially.

You can choose the postman you want to ship with and ship to anywhere in the world conveniently and easily. 


Spasiba is the first website in the arabian area for russian products. specializing in first class quality. and the russian concept of goods.

Started in 2020 with a vesion of selling the best russian items worldwide.

More than 3000 items for sale on Spasiba and they are picked by hand.

Selling wide categories of items.

Spasiba is your easiest door to Russia


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